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Nicole A. Bennett

Nicole Bennett’s reviews

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  • Excellent Criminal Defense Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Nicole was amazing. It was clear from the beginning that she knew what she was talking about and recommending. She outlined the good and bad in my case and explained what I should expect as a outcome. She explained her strategy and then implemented that with great results for me.

  • Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    My son had two underage drinking arrests. He's a good kid but you never know what a judge is going to do. Nicole is a former prosecutor. You can tell. She is focused, direct, responsive and knowledgeable. In the court room, you can see that she is not only confident but respected.

    We had a good outcome. But beyond the positive legal outcome, Nicole was certain to make sure that my son understand the seriousness of the charges before him and the potential consequences to which he could have been subjected. My son got it.

    We would not only use Nicole and the firm again if needed, we would not even consider another lawyer or firm. Why would we?

  • WOW! The BEST Professional Passionate Patient Legal Perfectionist Packaged With A+ Winning Attitude I Ever Met.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by DUI / Suspended License Client

    Nicole A. Bennett, of Westland Kramer & Bennett, is a very , very, very, rare wonder of the law profession world to encounter. She has the right middle initial in her name for sure.

    I was recommended to Nicole by my Illinois attorney Steve Fagan, of Fagan Fagan & Davis another top notch law firm, who was working on two DUI cases and two driving on Suspended Licence open cases on my behalf. The third open driving on Suspended Licence case along with a citation for driving with one headlight on, was in Indiana which I needed representation for.

    Nicole is intelligently versed in he laws of Indiana, and even other states. Her rates are very fair and economically proportionate to the size of the charges and case. A lot of lawyers are robotic, dull, dishonest, agitated by clients life-freedom-on-the-line-confusion and many questions, only concerned with a high bill and not the best possible outcome for their client.

    Nicole has the caring, concern of a Koala bear when communicating her clients yet the feistiness of a mother Tiger championing her cubs against a Crocodile, when cornered in the courtroom against her assigned case. She was able to achieve a decision of me not having leave Chicago, IL to appear in court, even one time, of the several appearance on my behalf, and my plea outcome was total victory. No points against my driving record, and a very small fine.

    All my calls was promptly returned by Nicole or her legal assistant Sharon Corsi. I had a lot of questions and concerns each time I spoke with Nicole, and she answered each one with the skilled patience of a surgeon general in the middle of open heart surgery. She's gifted with an A thru Z dialect catalog which enabled her to continue explaining multiple ways until the confusion was eroded from my mind and only clear understanding was left.

    Nicole is honest and bulls-eye straight forward with the plea options and possible outcomes. Yet delicate when doing so. No matter how bad, she will see only see brighter and better as if her neck is on the line as well. Nicole's professionalism is a migraine reliever. She make her cases personal and takes the well-being of her clients very seriously.

    I can see why she was a Deputy Prosecutor for 6 years. I'm sure glad she realized defense is the best offense. No matter how dark the sunset, Nicole A. Bennett and her golden humorous sunrise will soon have you hovering over the highly recommended horizon.