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  • Can i give permission to my ex husband to not pay cs. he is blackmailing me. making me write notes saying i wont make hm pay

    i have been divorced over a year now. I have sold some things on ebay to make money and have not paid taxes on them. My ex knows this and is black mailing me saying if i make him pay his court orderd child support he is turning me in to the irs....

    Shane’s Answer

    I am sorry to hear about your problem. 1) One cannot contract to perform illegal activities. 2) You have a child support order in place ordering the father to pay child support. 3) A parent that fails to meet their court ordered child support obligation is in contempt of court. 4) Each parent has a duty to the child and no parent can agree to waive or forfeit child support payment from the other parent. If this was the case, many parents would find themselves intimidated by the other parent and choose not to seek or give a former spouse and/or parent a pass. 5) In ordering child support payments, the court will look at the income of both parties, the amount of overnight stays at the nonresidential parent's house, and cost of health insurance paid for by the parent on behalf of the child. One thing is certain, it is certainly in the best interest of the child to receive financial support from both parents. I would assume that the father is required to make payments through the Clerk of Courts. He should continue to do so and if he fails to he will be in arrears and ultimately in contempt. If the arrearage is considerable, he may very well find himself in jail. Should your ex not make timely payments, contact the prosecutor's office or contact a local attorney for further guidance.

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