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Theodore Frederick Smith Jr.

About Theodore Smith

About me

Our firm is committed to representing individuals who deserve redress for injury to person or property. We give each of our clients the personal attention that they deserve so that we can see that justice is done in each case that we handle. We recognize that each client that we represent and each case that we handle is unique. Our goal is to right whatever wrong each of our clients has suffered within the framework of our civil justice system. We work hard/strive to protect the rights of each of our clients and to present their case in a way that maximizes the compensation to which they are entitled to fully and fairly compensate them for their injuries/the wrong that they have suffered. We accomplish that goal by using all of our resources and years of experience to work with each of our clients on an individual basis to understand, develop and present the facts and evidence in their case in the most effective manner, considering all of the particular facts and circumstances involved in each client's situation.

In addition to representing people after injuries have occurred, we are committed to promoting the public good through efforts to change bad laws and enact better laws which, for example, require manufacturers to make safer products in an attempt to prevent injuries from occurring. We are also devoted to working to preserve and enhance the rights of injured people to be fully and fairly compensated when they or their loved ones are injured or when death occurs. We view our responsibility as lawyers as including community service and educating the public about their rights and the legal system. In addition, we devote a significant amount of time to teaching and educating other lawyers in an effort to improve the overall quality of legal services available to the public.