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MaryEllen Kiley Bishop

MaryEllen Bishop’s Answers

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  • I live in In. and my sister lives in Fl. My brother who owned the house in Fl. passed away and willed the house to my sister.

    She now wants to sign a quick claim deed over to my son . He also lives in In .We know nothing About a quick claim deed . Can you please help us out ? Would he have to pay an inheritance tax Thanks for any help ./ Louis H. Brink...

    MaryEllen’s Answer

    You need the advise of a Florida lawyer. This likely would be treated as a gift from your sister. The proper title is a Quitclaim Deed. Seek the advise of a Florida Lawyer.

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  • Will the approve my step parent adoption?

    My daughter is 4 years old her biological father has not seen her since we left the hospital from her being born. He is not listed on the birth certificate and has never claimed paternity on her. I am now married and my husband has been in my daug...

    MaryEllen’s Answer

    You need to talk to an adoption lawyer. Just simply need to proceed properly to get this done.

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