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Sonya Jane Seeder

Sonya Seeder’s reviews

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  • sonya seeder child support case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Support client

    very knowledgeable on all things pertaining to child support laws and enforcement. quickly obtained the desired outcome in my case. very easy to speak to openly about the specifics of your case. informs you of the legal aspect of the case without being condescending. highly recommend.

  • Superstar attorney, came up huge in a pinch

    5.0 stars

    Posted by C.B.

    the night before i was to be in court for an OWI, i received a call from the lead attorney at the firm i had hired to handle my case saying he would not be able to addend as another case had been held over (a common occurrence in law). He informed me he was sending another lawyer from his firm and that she would be fully up to speed on my case. I was more than a little apprehensive as i live out of town and had only conversed with this one lawyer, now he was sending someone totally new. My case was also not the standard 'plead guilty, do your probation, do work, move on'...i had a new career on the line and a new job implications riding on this outcome. I needed to get this offense past me and get on with my life ASAP. Enter Sonya, a 6 foot tall, statuesque towering woman of legal expertise. I mean nothing sexist by my last statement, Sonya commanded attention and with her knowledge & guidance she maneuvered all involved from judge, to prosecutor and everyone in between to exactly the outcome she had assured me she could get. I am in a better position for having Sonya represent me than I probably would have been if my original attorney had handled my case. I cant thank her enough or speak highly enough on her behalf, thank you Sonya...