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Divina Westerfield’s reviews

     2.5 stars 3 total

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  • Does not Sue the Bank

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Real Estate client

    Flat out took my money and provided no service. Be warned.

    Divina Kay Westerfield’s response: “Florida attorneys were hired to file against the banks in the interstate law offices in Florida. The clients I represented in Indiana had all cases filed. The clients in Florida that were to be taken care of by Florida attorneys - and who were PAID well to do so - should be at fault for not pursuing any lawsuits there. I'm not aware of clients' cases that were filed and those which were not. I closed the office in Florida in November when I could not find an attorney that took their position seriously nor could I hire another Florida attorney as the FL b*r has created problems with hiring attorneys. In addition, the entire firm had a online system that is also used in my Indiana office, where clients could access ALL documents 24/7. All communication was to take place through such system. During audits it appeared that the Florida attorneys failed to communicate through such client relationship manager software, and communication may have been less than what was promised. As for knowledge, I taught over 300 attorneys how to proceed against the banks - and I taught the Florida attorneys hired to represent the firm's clients how to proceed against the banks. Several attorneys attended on numerous occasions because of my knowledge. There were many successes. I personally apologize for any problems with the Florida office, but I could not be in control there - the managing Florida attorney was in control and I trusted the wrong persons to care for the clients.”
  • Multi-family Commercial Real Estate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bob

    I worked with Divina on Multi-family issues and other commercial real estate issues and found her to be very knowledgeable and responsive. IShe helped me with a landlord- tenant case and we won the case even though my investor friends said I had a very weak case.

  • Not a very good Lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Ms. Westerfield started out as a wonderful go getter. But in the end didn't listen to me. Got important dates wrong and relayed them to the judge and cost me alot of money in my settlement.

    Divina Kay Westerfield’s response: “I haven't done divorce work in more than 8 years, so this client is wrong when she indicates that she used me 1 - 3 years. I think I know this particular person (an attorney remembers the clients that want everything but don't want to pay for anything) and she wanted me to introduce new evidence AFTER the final hearing. That's not possible. If you don't tell your attorney everything PRIOR to the hearing so she can prepare for it, and call those witnesses to testify, allow the other side to cross-examine, then you can't later say its your attorney's fault for not "listening" to the client. She brought me all these "affidavits" from people AFTER a hearing and wanted me to enter them into the record - which is impossible under court rules, although I even tried. Moral of the story - tell your attorney everything about the case BEFORE he/she goes to court. And if you don't want to tell them everything, don't be surprised when you lose on those issues.”