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Ronald Lee Burdge

About Ronald Burdge

About me

Nationally known Consumer Law trial attorney, represented thousands of consumers in vehicle sales fraud and lemon vehicle cases since 1978, nearly 50 reported case decisions, Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney Since 2000, Ohio Super Lawyer every year since 2005. In 2004 named Trial Lawyer of the Year by the National Association of Consumer Advocates. In 2010 elected to the Board of Directors of NACA, the nation's premier professional organization of Consumer Law attorneys and advocates. He has widely lectured and taught on Lemon Laws, Consumer Laws and other legal subjects to lawyers, judges, private groups and law students.


  Ron is the founder of the Burdge Law Office. As a young attorney starting out in 1978, the first case he worked on involved a used pickup truck where he represented an older consumer against an insurance company that didn’t want to pay $1,200. That case went all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court. He won the case.

  His second case was a "lemon" car case against Chrysler Corporation (before there even was a lemon law) and that case started a lifelong career of representing consumers against car dealers and manufacturers over defective vehicles and auto sales fraud.

  Success can be measured in lots of different ways and for Ron it’s not just winning a case but sometimes it’s running a crooked car dealer out of business too.

  Of course, sueing car dealers all the time can make it harder for the staff of Burdge Law Office to buy a new car, too. In fact, one legal assistant was told to "go elsewhere" when the car dealer found out where she worked. But that turned out okay, because she got a better deal somewhere else anyway.

  Ron has testified numerous times before the state legislature on Consumer Protection issues and has successfully represented consumers in thousands of Consumer Law cases all over Ohio. Often asked if he ever gets bored handling just these kinds of cases, Ron says "Never. Every case is different, every person is different. I don’t get bored. If anything, it just gets better."

  "When you handle cases in just one area of law, you get to know it forwards and backwards. You get a chance to help change the law that businesses live by, and you get to help people solve their problems every day. I wouldn’t do anything else."

  Lately though the associate attorneys at the Burdge Law Office have begun handling a broader range of Consumer Law cases, including Identity Theft and Credit Rights cases. "This is an area of law that has naturally come out of handling auto sales fraud and car cases," Ron says. "Credit is critical in nowadays and identity thieves can ruin a good person’s credit faster than a car dealer can rip you off — and that can be pretty fast!"

  Ron is a voracious reader and loves reading car magazines and business books sitting on a beach (islands are his second love). In fact, if there were more cars on Carribean islands, Burdge Law Office would probably have an office there and Ron would be running it.

 To view Ron’s complete resume, click here.



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