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David Eli Larson

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  • Provisional Waiver Is Better Than Reform

    Many people who entered the US by walking through remote border areas and crossing the border illegally, that is,without inspection by a border inspector, are not able to apply for a green card in the US. The only way they can get legal is to apply for an immigrant visa at a US ...

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  • August 3, 2012 Deferred Action for DREAMers - Latest info from USCIS

    DHS Outlines Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Process USCIS to begin accepting requests for consideration of deferred action on August 15, 2012 released Aug. 3, 2012 WASHINGTONThe Department of Homeland Security today provided additional information on the deferred action ...

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  • DREAMers Prepare!

    Here are some things DREAMers can do now to be ready once the procedures for applying for deferred action status are announced by USCIS:

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  • Obama Administration Change on Waiver of Ten Year Bar

    Check out this link to a New York Times article about a regulatory change that can help many spouses and children of US citizens who are subject to a ten year bar to reentry to theUS. The change would allow applications for a waiver to the bar to be processed in theUSrather than ...

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  • Getting a "green card" through Marriage to a US Citizen

    Marriage to a US citizen is one of the fastest, surest and least expensive ways to get a "green card", but there are major problems for people who commit marriage fraud or who have entered the US without being inspected and admitted by a Customs and Border Protection agent.

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  • 9 Questions to Ask If You Are in the US and Want to Stay, Live and Work in the US

    1. Are you a U.S.C? (Is your mother? Your father?) Question 1 is aimed at people who are US citizens, but don't know it. If a parent becomes a citizen while the foreign born child is under 18, has a

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