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Neil Ian Fleischer

Neil Fleischer’s Legal Guides

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  • DREAM ACT lives

    On June 15, 2012 the Department of Homeland Security formally announced that it will offer deferred action to "DREAMers." For all the promising undocumented youth who call America home this represents the opportunity to come out of the shadows and fully embrace the only country t...

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  • Aliens of Extraordinary Ability

    Aliens with 'extraordinary ability' in the arts, sciences, education, business and athletics The Alien of Extraordinary ability category is, in effect, reserved for that small percentage who has risen to the very top of their field of endeavor. This subcategory covers aliens pos...

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  • National Interest waiver NIW

    The National Interest Waiver is a section under the Second Employer Preference category, and requires at least a Master's degree or above, or a that a personal have exceptional ability in sciences, arts, or business. The national interest waiver is a good option for those applica...

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  • Marrying a Foreign National/Immigrant

    Filing for a Spouse who Currently is Residing in the United States To be a U.S. citizen marrying a citizen of another country (a foreign national) it can be a very exciting, yet complicated time when trying to bring that person to the United States. If the procedures are not fol...

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