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Karen Ann Rolcik

Karen Rolcik’s Answers

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  • I am contesting the application of my ex-husband to be administrator of our deceased daughters estate in ohio. He has filed the

    application in the wrong county and lied on the death certificate saying she lived with him in the county he filed. I can prove that however it may not matter about venue. am i correct? also he has atleast 5 felon convictions 2 of fraud and utt...

    Karen’s Answer

    A decedent's estate must be administered in the county in which the decedent resided. It seems that the primary concern is whether or not your ex-husband is a suitable person to be appointed as administrator of your daughter' estate. You should have received notice of his application to be appointed administrator. You have the right to challenge his suitability to serve as administrator. This is done by filing objections to his application to be appointed and by filing your own application to be appointed. To be appointed as administrator, your ex-husband will have to obtain a bond and it likely he may not be able to obtain a bond.

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