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Jeffrey Charles Meadows

About Jeffrey Meadows

About me

I am an aggressive DUI/OVI defense attorney.  


On average I spend 60 hours a week (or more) working on DUI/OVI issues, either directly on behalf of my clients, or reading decisions from various appellate courts and maintaining the OVI website that I run called or my blog (


The website is a site that other attorneys join for the sake of being kept up-to-date with the most recent decisions coming out of the Ohio Courts of Appeal that affect the way we argue cases in the trial courts.


In 2007, I tried 16 OVI cases and in 2008 I went to trial 14 times.  2009 appears to be headed in the same direction.  I try cases for many reasons including the fact that I love to be in front of a jury!  After all, I am a lawyer and lawyers should do jury trials!  The fact that I handle 150+ OVI/DUI clients a year also lends itself to a high volume of trials as well.


When not in court fighting for my clients, I love to SCUBA dive and the attorney I work with, Rob Lyons, and I have turned our passions for SCUBA and OVI/DUI defense into a seminar that we now host every year in Key West, Florida. 


The Diving Into An OVI/DUI Case seminar is a mid-winter mini-vacation that combines fun with learning as we host a legal education program with some of the nations top expert witnesses and Ohio's top OVI/DUI attorneys.  Our firm ( also hosts two other seminars each year in order to address the constantly changing area of OVI law.  You can check out our seminars at

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