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Curt Perri Bogen

About Curt Bogen

About me

The law is a constant test, a battle of wits and work ethic combined with an energetic, creative approach to problem solving.   Having experience as a Referee, Prosecutor, Guardian Ad Litem, Mediator, and as a Private Practitioner in so many types of cases, helps to provide insight to our clients as to what to expect in each very different situation. The law is not unlike a puzzle, in which the sizes and shapes of the pieces keep changing as you are putting them together.  It is hectic, chaotic, engrossing, but without someone with experience, tact and discretion whom you trust, to help you navigate its intricate channels, it can be a difficult trip into a churning abyss.  

Protecting your clients by being proactive is critical to providing quality representation. Know the facts, know the law, AND know the preferences of each Judge and Magistrate-- to give your client every possible extra edge which the law reasonably permits. Representation needs to be upright and ethical.  There is always a fine balance between negotiation and hard nosed litigation--and lawyers need to know when and how to mix them together, and sift them apart. Remember- Good lawyering is hard work.  I demand the best.   You should also.

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