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Neil Edward Klingshirn

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  • Need help

    company i work for is a corporation, they have many branches of stores, nvc wants a letter from the employer can the manager write this letter?

    Neil’s Answer

    I am not sure who "nvc" is, but the basic rule is that the company acts through it's officers and employees who the corporation has given the authority to act on it's behalf. So, if the company is Walmart and the act is the sale of product, Walmart has authorized it's cashiers to accept payment for product purchases.

    The best way to find out if your company authorized your manager to write this particular letter is to ask the manager. He or she should know.

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  • In an "AT WILL " State can you still bring a wrongfull termination lawsuit agains an employer?

    If an employee committs an act that was against written company policy. As does every other employee in the company in the same position, is terminated would they have reason to take legal action. This action seems to be one, that if there is a re...

    Neil’s Answer

    An at-will state is one where an employee's employment can be terminated by either party at any time, for any reason, unless the reason is unlawful. Being in an at-will state therefore does not give you a right to take legal action where the company enforces a policy against you, but not others.

    Differing treatment may, however, suggest unlawful discrimination. If the reason the policy was applied to you but not others was because of your age, gender, race, creed, religion or other protect class status, you may have grounds to pursue legal action.

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