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Melissa Ann Graham-Hurd

Melissa Graham-Hurd’s Legal Guides

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  • Truthfulness in Affidavits is a MUST!

    Tips on Filling out those Darn Affidavits When people start matters at domestic court, they will be required to fill out certain affidavits concerning their income and expenses, their debts and property, their children, health insurance and other matters. An affidavit is a swor...

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  • Widespread Fallacies about Divorce

    Widespread Fallacies about Divorce 1. Grounds for Divorce and Place of Divorce a. Abandonment Many people believe that if they physically separate from a spouse, they can be sued for abandonment. That is not so. While living separately for more than one year without cohabitatio...

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  • Vocabulary List for Divorce and Domestic Relations Cases in Ohio

    Divorce Vocabulary Action: the legal term for a lawsuit Affidavit: a written statement sworn to under oath and signed before a Notary Public Allegation: statement contained in a pleading or affidavit Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities: custody; the legal right...

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  • Differences between Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage

    DIFFERENCES BETWEEN DIVORCE AND DISSOLUTION DIVORCE DISSOLUTION Grounds Must be stated: include incompatibility, living separate over 1 year, extreme cruelty, gross neglect Not necessary Beginning of process Complaint filed with Court Negotiation of agr...

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  • Better Parenting through the Divorce Process

    Tips on Better Parenting During the Divorce Process DO Put your childrens welfare ahead of your own conflict with the other parent Attempt Mediation See the other parent as your business partner engaged in the most important business there is raising healthy children Unders...

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  • How to Dress for Court

    While it is true that it really isn't fair and it does not change the facts of your case, first impressions do count and we want the Judge or Magistrate to see you as fitting their perceptions of someone who is mature, responsible and believable. The people in the black robes are...

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