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Medical Malpractice NIGHTMARE!

Practice Area: Medical malpractice

Outcome: Settlment over 1.5 million for injured victim

Description: A 75 year old mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who lived through both World Wars and the Great Depression was forever changed when she went in for Knee Replacement Surgery. She came out with permanent injury and paralysis that eventually resulted in amputation of the leg from the knee down almost two agonizing years later. This was one of the most clear-cut medical malpractice cases I had ever seen and an unfortunate example of our medical malpractice system today. The insurance company first argued that there was "no liability" for the injury and then claimed that if there was, the injury was not "permanent" and thus, "capped" at only $500,000 by Ohio law anyway. They also fought over who would pay her medical bills which were almost a million dollars too. A HUGE LAWSUIT was filed against not only the doctor's insurance, but the nurses' insurance, hosptial insurance and even product manufacturer for over two years before the case was finally settled for over one-and-a-half million dollars PLUS made them pay the medical bills too!!! No amount of money can/will EVER compensate the victim for this HORRIFFIC tragedy, but we would NOT let them inflict another financial hardhip upon this family. Through our firm resources, we were able to hold the negligent parties responsible for the harm they caused to this poor woman and family.

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