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R. Russell O'Rourke

About R. O'Rourke

About me

I have been involved in construction all of my life, so as a lawyer it was a natural fit.  The Builders Exchange was the first step in being able to work to help subcontractors and suppliers level the playing field.  The American Subcontractors Association was the next step.  While the Builders Exchange is vital for all members of the construction industry at evey level, the ASA is vital for all subcontractors and suppliers because there we work to help subcontractors find better jobs with the best contractors, to negotiate contracts that are fair and to treat their businesses as professinal businesses.


We also work as the only advocate who works ONLY for subcontractors and suppliers, in the Courts, and Federal and state legislatures and with the other members of the construction industry, with AGC, ConsensusDOCS, AIA and other trade associations.


As the Chair of the Subcontractors Legal Defense Fund (SLDF) I work directly on Court of Appeals Cases which are important to Subcontractors, either to keep good existing laws or change bad laws.  The SLDF provides free Amicus briefs across the country, whereever we find cases where we can make a meaningful impact.


I personally have been lucky enough to have been selected to write amicus briefs on 5 important cases, from Ohio Mechanic's Liens, to Delay Claims, Change Orders, Flow Down Clauses and Pay-if-Paid Contract Clauses.

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