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Juan Paolo Pasia Sarmiento

Juan Sarmiento’s Legal Guides

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  • Fiance Visa Basics

    How do I get a fianc(e) visa? When should I marry the petitioning U.S. Citizen? What happens if I dont marry my fianc(e)? What documents and supporting evidence are needed? Can I bring my children with me? Will they be able to also get their green cards? A U.S. Citizen engaged t...

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  • DUIs and its Impact on Green Card and Citizenship Applications

    How can a simple Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction affect my green card application? How can it influence my naturalization or citizenship application? What if I have two DUIs? What if the specific state statute for my DUI conviction has an intent requirement? What if ...

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  • F-1 International Student Employment Issues

    When should I apply for an OPT? Can I work off-campus? If my H-1B job starts in October but my OPT card expires before that, will I be out of status? What is CPT? International Students often want to work while at school. Though there is a financial support requirement that shoul...

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  • Naturalization and Citizenship: Continuous Presence and Physical Presence Requirements

    A lot of people become permanent residents and still maintain ties in their home country. They often travel at length and come back to the United States to maintain permanent residency. Most get confused on how long they can travel, its implications on their permanent residency, ...

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  • Filing an I-751 After you Separate with Your USC Spouse But Before Divorce

    When a foreigner applies for a green card based on marriage to a U.S. Citizen, and the marriage occurred within 2 years of the application, the foreigner gets a 2-year green card. If the marriage was more than 2 years prior to applying, the green card will be a 10-year green card...

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  • Nurse Immigration

    Part I A lot of people are asking how come registered nurses today, from abroad, have to wait longer to get an immigrant visa. About ten years ago, their friends, cousins, or other relatives were abl

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