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Paul J. Stano

About Paul Stano

About me

Today's seniors step into a healthcare and financial system that is infinately more complex than any other generation of Americans has ever experienced.  I see it as my calling to help them get all the information that they need to set and adjust their financial and healthcare goals. 

I concentrated in elder law nearly twenty years ago when I saw so many of my clients losing their life savings to nursing home care - all because they weren't aware of the benefits that were available to them such as Veterans Benefits for those who served during times of war.

As a second generation advocate for seniors,  I have helped older Americans and their families design Estate and Life Care Plans that assure that loved ones are taken care of while saving as much of their hard-earned money as possible. I have taken a great deal of time and effort to pull together a team of people who share his passion for helping seniors. Each member of my team has a special talent or expertise that helps clients accomplish their goals.

Every family deserves the right to control what happens to them and to their estate.  I see it as my duty and obligation to provide my community with information and education so that they can take advantage of every option that is available to them.


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