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  • My brother has his guns in his closet in his bedroom. the cops are charging me with weapons under disability. I did not have any

    a friend of mine is accused of shooting someone, but he did not. they came to my house and arrested me and him. they searched the house and asked if there was guns in the house, my brother told police they were his and in his closet. they charged ...

    John’s Answer

    This is an ownership v. possession issue. Although your brother owned the guns, the State will try to show they were within your immediate possession. As the others have recommended, you'll need a professional on your side to combat the State's allegations.

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  • Fellow Attorney Contributor: Scared maybe accused by pregnant ex Extorted? How to stop

    Expertise. And outside the scope of anything I thought imaginable. I don't want anyone to go to jail. I don't want anyone to get fired up. I do want to protect myself. I dated a girl for about a year. Around March she started to be particula...

    John’s Answer

    If you posted this question for a client, you must feel this area is not in your skill set. I agree with the other atty. These accusations and possible civil and criminal fall out are to be handled immediately.

    If a prosecutor believes her story a felony rape charge will follow. Plus they'll tack on kidnapping. She may run to Juvi court to try to establish paternity to get a child support order. Your client will need an atty to sort it all out.

    I have experience in criminal and juvenile cases. If you need a consult to help you or just another atty to refer the case, let me know.

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  • Will my stop with the cops be put on my public record and background check even though I was not charged

    The other night I was stopped for sitting in a car while tipsy. The Cop did not do sobriety tests, did not do breath test, and did not give me any papers whatsoever. After being taken out of the car talked to - he told me to find a ride home and t...

    John’s Answer

    Very unlikely a public record of this event exists. There may be a radio call recording, this sort of recording would not be made readily available to the public. I doubt a foster organization would find such a record. They are probably more concerned with convictions and filed charges.

    Be thankful the police treated you well and gave you the option to find a ride home. Your night could have turned out very differently.

    Good luck with your foster child.

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  • My 18 year old son was issued a hit and skip ticket in Lakewood, my says he didn't think he hit car and went home

    he was called and went back to talk to police, his 16 year old friend in passengers seat was put in separate police car and was told he can be in trouble, scared him in to saying my son hit car no damage to either car. what happens in court, does ...

    John’s Answer

    Often the gestapo effect is used to encourage defendants and witnesses into being more agreeable with the police. Hire an attorney to relate this situation to the Prosecutor. The charge is serious enough that your son is in danger.

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  • Can a state trooper call you 8 days later and give you a ticket

    the officer called 8 days later and gave me a ticket for non authorization use from the owner.

    John’s Answer

    The government can file charges at any time before the statute of limitations runs, if there is one. A charge of non authorized use may be serious enough to seek help. I'll be happy to talk more with you if you wish. I wouldn't count on the officer not showing up in court. Troopers take their court duties seriously.

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  • If a teenager age 17 moved out of parents house and they dont agree. what legal steps can the take to remain so/

    12th grader. in the last seven weeks of school. leaves for Marine corps july 8th doesnt turn eighteen untill august

    John’s Answer

    What do you want to accomplish? Do you wish to remain living on your own? Not have your parents interfere with your enlistment? The easiest (and least expensive) means would be to get the cooperation of your patents. If you are leaving to be in our armed services, keeping a good relationship may be the best course in the long run.

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  • Am I a convicted felon?

    Charged with civil stalking in 2009 in Lake County

    John’s Answer

    The answer is in your question. A civil protection order is a civil (non criminal matter dispute between two litigants). A felon would be one who was convicted of a felony which indicates a degree of criminal charge.

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  • Can a police officer give you a ticket outside his jurisdiction

    The police officers was going the opposite direction he turned around and followed us all the way through Garfield Hts. And he stop at a light next to him and he didn't say anything to him and when the light changed he let us ride. And by that tim...

    John’s Answer

    If your husband was legit on his license then it's an administrative issue. Give proof to the judge that it was paid up before he was driving. As for the missing plates, perhaps a prosecutor would drop that provided you installed them before you appeared in court. If not, missing plates is probably not worth the fight.

    Of course hiring an attorney to guide you through all this is best.

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  • Received a traffic ticket with no offense code written or checked on it . What should I do?

    I received a ticket that has no offense codes or anything filled out on it. The only thing marked in the violation area are the (ie visibility) conditions, no accompanying criminal charge and total offenses with a "1" next to it. There is nothing ...

    John’s Answer

    Have your attorney make a demand for discovery so that he/she can see what evidence the government has against you which will include the ticket.

    Notice is one of the aspects of due process. Without notice (i.e. a blank violation) you do not have due process and therefore cannot be charged with that crime.

    Do not answer this question over a public forum. Did the police officer tell you what he/she was charging you with at the time you were pulled over? Was it just speeding? If so, how fast?

    When you appear for your arrignment and the judge asks you how you plea, I would be sure to tell him/her you do not know what crime you are pleaing to. Unless the police officer is there to tell the prosecuter what you were pulled over for, no one will know.

    Do not forget to use your right against self incrimination! If asked questions about that night, excerise your 5th amendment right. You are innocent until proven guilty.

    It sounds like a lot for an untrained person to handle. This is why lawyers are necessary. Good luck.


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  • My car was parked 2 cops was walking along the sidewalk and ran my tags my tags was fake it was towed away

    whats going to happen how much will the fines be and can i get my car back

    John’s Answer

    Get the court to release your car, which may take an appearance before a judge. Take the release to the tow company. Pay them whatever they ask. I would not expect this to be over once you get your car back. You need an attorney to make these inquiries for you.

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