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Kenneth Allen Bossin

Kenneth Bossin’s Answers

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  • Applying for US Citizenship at 19 years of age with an expunged record at age 16.

    Hi at age 16 i was accused of theft at a local pharmacy store with my brother and I. I sprayed a Keyboard Cleaner bottle at my brother and they accused us of theft. Me being 16 and my brother being 17 the cops took us in to custody and took us to ...

    Kenneth’s Answer

    First of all, I would file in the Juvenile Court to get it expunged. Second, I would contact an immigration lawyer just to make sure. Immigration laws have changed over the last few years and most defense lawyers are not the right persons to ask.

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  • Law suit do i have any recourse against the city ,police, etc after being found not guilty to all charges on a dui/reckless op

    and a bac i wasnt driving anything. this drug out for 8 mos i lost everything in the process, job, repossed my truck which is my job, my auto was repossed, and my home foreclosed on I still cant get my license after being found not guilty on top o...

    Kenneth’s Answer

    I really don't have enough information. If you would like to email me with a complete story, I would be more than happy to look at it. I would need to know the city, court, prosecutor, and details of the arrest and what took place from the arrest up until the jury found you not guilty. I would need dates and times and details about all of the damages that you suffered as a result of the prosecution. My email address is

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