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  • How can I remove my mothers POA who is not making sure she gets the care she needs?

    My mom is actually my grandmother who adopted and raised me from birth. My biomom is moms POA. Mom has alzheimers and is in a nursing home. She is 95 years old and has deveoped golf ball sized knots all over her body and her front top teeth hav...

    Blake’s Answer

    If your mother is competent she can simply revoke the Power of Attirney and execute another one. A simple document that says, "I revoke the Power of Attorney that I gave to ______________." should suffice. If your mother is not competent then you will likely have to establish a guradianship for her.

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  • Is it legal for employers to force their health care workers to not be friends with patients on facebook?

    My father lives in an assisted care facility and, just recently, the entire staff was told that they could no longer have residents as friends on facebook.

    Blake’s Answer

    The Nursing Home can limit its employees if it chooses to. It is not illegal for a Nursing Home employee to be Facebook friends with a Nursing Home resident. But it is also not illegal for a Nursing Home to tell its staff that they cannot be Facebook friends with the residents.
    Blake A. Dickson

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  • My 88 yo father w damentia was in a assisted living facility was knocked over by a door.

    a kitchen server swung open a door walking into the dining room from the kitchen. My father was behind the door ..... got knocked over and had hip surgery due to this insident.... is now in a nursing home.... there are ...

    Blake’s Answer

    Where did this happen? Were you in a restaurant?

    If an employee of the restaurant knocked your father down and broke his hip while in the course and scope of his employment the restaurant would likely be liable for your father's injuries. Servers have a duty to look before opening a swinging door which is why they usually have windows in them so you can see who is on the other side. I am a lawyer in Ohio and you can call me at 1 (800) OHIO LAW Blake A. Dickson.

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