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Ronald Francis Wayne

Ronald Wayne’s Answers

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  • My husband died last year now there are things that did not go through probate what do I need to do to claim can I do myself.

    Bank has cd's and stocks also I a truck that I forgot about it's a classic truck also needs to be transfered.

    Ronald’s Answer

    You may be able to do this yourself depending upon the value of the probate assets. If there is a will naming you as the sole beneficiary, you may be able to transfer up to $100,000 in assets on your own by utilizing an Application to Relieve Estate From Adminstration. Even if that's not the case and the assets are less than $35,000, you may still be able to use this handy shortcut. You may also be able to transfer the truck to yourself by simply appearing at the title bureau with a certified copy of your husband's death certificate. It all depends upon the situation.

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