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Jeffrey Paul Consolo

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  • I value my money too much to hire this man

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    We felt Mr. Consolo overcharged the estate, but we could never get a breakout of the bill. We were left totally in the dark about big issues, but little issues were revisited incessantly. Someone told me this was "churning" to increase billing, and he is a master at it. When the estate was settled, he did not return important documents until we identified documents that were missing and asked him for each one. Finally we never got results of his "negotiations" with the IRS concerning some valuations in the estate. When we tried to talk to Mr. Consolo, he was rude, condescending, aggressive, etc. Read the other review for an excellent description of his behavior. He made all of us so angry that we still refer to him as "he who will not be named."

  • Because an attorney has no complaints"on record" doesn't mean they haven't done wrong-they write the "laws" that "punish" them

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Probate client

    Mr.Consolo was hired by my sibling to exact a will & trust to protect his business & assets after a cancer diagnosis & Bone Marrow Transplant.. My sibling spoke at length w/Mr.Consolo, filled out a form expressing clearly his wishes/ intent of both his personal & business assets.He shared those w/family as well. Before completion of signing the documents,my sib became critically ill & was not expected to live. .Consolo was called to complete the documents & summoned to sibs bedside where there were 2 witnesses who watched as a friend held sibs hand &help him mark an X as his signature,as he was quadriplegic. Consolo assured my sib not to worry, that he would "take care of everything". My sib lived another 15 months during which time my sib received & paid a bill of $2500 for those "services". Upon the sibs death,the co-executors met with Consolo who gave little direction,only stating that either personal or business assets would need to be sold to meet the debts of the estate. Almost immediately,each time a co-executor called Mr.Consolo w/a question regarding the estate & why we were being contacted by creditors,why stock power of business hadn't transferred upon death,etc. he was very nasty & unprofessional,treating us with disdain.We were puzzled- paying top dollar to be treated horribly. At one point, Mr. Consolo's office was called for a copy of a current bill/itemized listing of services & their costs in an effort to keep track of estate expenses. A receptionist was spoke with-we neither desired or required to speak with Consolo. Yet,he called back, defensive & questioning why we needed the info. He went as far as to say that his firm did not have software to provide such an itemized listing. His tone was sharp & he was rude. We later received a bill for $180 for that ranting call he made to us. We were upset about being billed exhorbitantly to ask for a copy of a bill & disgusted with his behavior. We began to question what was going on .Because of his unprofessional manner when speaking with him,we avoided calling Consolo & instead tried communicating through emails to get our questions answered. It was like pulling teeth.Mr.Consolo was just as difficult-he didn't seem to want to answer our inquiries & was almost combative with us. He would repeat the same things over giving us no new information to help us. It became so stressful we went to another lawyer for advice. Upon showing this attorney the will & trust, he informed us that Mr.Consolo had not only never filed or funded the will & trust as he had been paid for,he also never transferred stock power of the business to the heir of it. The attorney's "recommendation" was that we get out of our relationship with Consolo/ask him to remove himself. When we did so,he claimed to have modified his bill "down" to $9K plus. We were stunned at the amount,as he'd done very little for us. Furthermore,he wanted both coexecutors to sign an all-encompassing release whereby we would not hold him responsible for any past present or future issues related to my sibs estate(an ethical violation according to the Supreme Court). We felt trapped & under duress ,intimidated by Mr.Consolo as we had during conversations with him. He made us feel threatened & scared. Despite this,we trusted this other attorney's advice & paid Consolo the $9K. He continued to try to intimidate us into signing the release,but we refused as we knew the check had cleared & we felt safe that we were released of him. We then sought out another attorney to complete the estate,only to find out that what Mr.Consolo did to us was Legal Malpractice,but he had dragged things out beyond the statute of limitations to seek damages. Our only recourse to warn others was to file a grievance w/the Supreme Court. Counsel there worked a "deal",we were repaid a portion of our fees but there is no record of Consolo's misdeed. A hollow" victory".We are aware of another victim he has done this to,so there may be more

    Jeffrey Paul Consolo’s response: “Jeff Consolo is an extremely skilled attorney. I would urge any reader to take the above rant with a large grain of salt. The attorney described above sounds nothing like the Jeff Consolo I know. I question whether the complaining client hasn't mistaken him with someone else.”