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Matthew Charles Bangerter

Matthew Bangerter’s Legal Guides

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  • Civil Demand Letters in Ohio

    Help! My son/daughter/brother/sister/friend got caught shoplifting. The store sent us a letter saying if we pay them $200 they wont press charges. What should we do? What youve just received is known as a civil demand letter. Shoplifting costs storesbillions of dollars a year. In...

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  • I just got charged with a crime in Ohio, what's going to happen to me?

    Jail. Prison. The Clink. Inside. The Joint. The Pen. The Hoosegow. The Crossbar Hotel. One of the first things youre going to wonder if youre ever accused of a crime is, whats going to happen to me? Will I got to jail? Will I go to prison? Oh, theres a difference between the two?...

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  • How not to dress for court

    We all know not to judge a book by its cover, but guess what? When you go to court, youre going to be judged by your cover (or sometimes your lack thereof). This is a partial list of the covers of books entitled Please Judge, Give Me More Time: Shorts Flip flops Belly shirts Wif...

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