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Daniel James Myers

About Daniel Myers

About me

Dan has been a strong advocate for the "little guy" his entire life.  Over the years, he has taken steps in both the community and the legal field to protect the rights and needs of individuals and small businesses who have been wronged by the bad acts of others.  In the community, Dan has advocated for the poor and victims of sexual assault--even convincing the City of Cleveland to begin counting and testing all of its rape kits.  As an Elder at his church, Dan has been engaged in social justice advocacy efforts around Northeast Ohio.  As an attorney, Dan has helped howeowners, consumers, and employees protect their rights against the deceptive and illegal acts of bad businesses.  He protects small businesses from being taken advantage of by larger companies or unscrupulous people.

The son of a union bricklayer and community advocates, Dan grew up fighting for fair treatment of those not able to protect their own interest.  He has been a personal advocate for children with disabilities, injured individuals, and others in his communities.

Today Dan represents small businesses and individuals all across Ohio, focusing his efforts in Northeast Ohio.

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