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Mark M. Abramowitz

About Mark Abramowitz

About me

Mark Abramowitz graduated from the University Of Toledo College Of Law. During his time there he was extremely active in bringing changes to the law school to benefit both his class and the greater community. One of the initiatives which Mark was most proud of was starting the University of Toledo defense of the wrongly convicted (UT DWC). This group reviewed cases of those wrongly convicted so that they could clear their names and get their lives back.


Mark Abramowitz joined the DiCello Law Firm in 2012. As a member of the DiCello Law Firm, Mark Abramowitz has been very active in several different areas of litigation. He has enjoyed a focus in medical device and pharmacuitical litigation but has also participated in personal injury, trucking and civil rights cases. He feels strongly that the medical device and pharmacuitical industries have to be held accountable for their mistakes and have to be made to be responsible for those whose lives they harm.


Mark Abramowitz is quickly becoming a leader in technology and the law. He is continually bringing new and unique ways to integrate technology into practicing law. This mind set has helped DiCello Law Firm clients during all stages of litigation. Clients can be assured that Mr. Abramowitz will listen to their concerns so that he can bring his unique perspective into every case.