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James Barilla’s Answers

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  • Can the family sue someone for leading their son to suicide?

    My best friend killed himself because the mother to his children would put him down and treat him incredibly bad. He had tried before to take his life for the same reason and was hospitalized. She was the only negative thing on his life, and he po...

    James’s Answer

    Any one can sue another person so long as they have a good faith basis for doing so and can fit the fact pattern in to a cause of action. Suicide is an act of free will. It would be difficult to prove that anyone causes someone to commit suicide. People, events, physical health, mental health, etc all can ultimately lead someone to take their own life. It would appear only the estate of the suicide victim would have a cause of action for intentional infliction of emotional distress but the chances of proving cause and effect are very low.

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