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  • We have a ford f-350 diesel 6. with 74k that the pintel of the fuel injector broke off causing $7700.00. And Ford doesn't feel

    any obligation to help with now that it is out of warranty even though they are sueing Navistar to recoup their losses.

    Mark’s Answer

    We have a similar class action pending against Porsche. If this is a widespread problem for Ford F-350 owners, we may be able to help.

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  • My son has come up with a clever product idea. I think he could make some money here, but we don't have much to invest.

    This idea is for a toy product and I dont know what to do next. Everything I've read requires a large $$ for patents, ect., that I simply don't have. What should my next step be?

    Mark’s Answer

    I will be out of the office until August 1st and will have limited access to emails. If you need to, please contact my assistant Cathy Bittner at or call her at 614.220.5124 for assistance.

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  • What if my circumstances change only 2 days after a relocation notice is denied?

    I had a court hearing tues and my relocation notice was denied. Shared parenting was granted to my abusive ex because since i never reported anything. I am now married to a man stationed in new york and found out today that we are expecting a baby...

    Mark’s Answer

    I agree that you should have an attorney if you intend to challenge the present parenting arrangement. If you ex will agree to a change that is reasonable for the child, you may be able to avoid having to hire local counsel.

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  • My superviser at work false accused me of being rude to a customer, she suspend me. I was not rude.

    Do I have rights, I was not being rude. She sent me home on suspended terms. Can I file charges for this? What can I do?

    Mark’s Answer

    You have rights if the agreement between your employer and you says you do, or if you are being disciplined for a reason that is recognized in the law as an improper reason. For instance, you may have rights under an agreement such as union contract or employment agreement or (rarely) an employee handbook. Or you may have evidence that the employer did this because of your legally-protected status (for instance, minority) or legally-protected activity (for instance, whistleblowing, union organizing). However, employers are otherwise allowed, even for no good reason at all, to take action on an at-will employee in Ohio up to and including termination.

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  • I sold a tractor 3 years ago, was paid for with property i sold. he never picked up the tractor. can i sell it now?

    I am storing a tractor for a friend that was sold three years ago, it was never picked up by person who bought it, and i have been storing it ever since. Can i sell it? I am moving and need it out of the barn.

    Mark’s Answer

    I take it that your friend did not pay or give you anything to store the tractor, and that it is not your tractor. If that is the case, you may not be bound to your promise to the friend. If the tractor is discarded, you could cause your friend trouble and the trouble may wash onto you. Practically, you should give notice to the friend and the purchaser of your move and give them a reasonable deadline to work this out. You can only sell if it is abandoned, and your case for abandonment would be better if you gave them that written notice.

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  • Do I have a case?

    I purchased a police scanner from the local electronics store. I also paid to have it programmed. I later found out that the programmer locked me out of the programming that I paid for. When I try to access it it says protected system, acess not a...

    Mark’s Answer

    You have a deal, and the deal determines who is right here. If the written contract said he gets to lock you out, that is the deal you bought. If there is no written deal, your rights depend upon what is represented by the seller, reasonably implied or what is customary for such transactions.

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  • Can i get a passport?

    i owe 7,500 in arrears and am trying to get a job driving truck could i still get one?

    Mark’s Answer

    Form DS 11 from the Department of State is the application for a passport. It does not ask questions about child support arrearages or ask you to certify that you do not owe back support. However, the form states that your social security number is shared with other agencies, including for debt collection. So: it looks as if you can get a passport if you are otherwise eligible, but it may reveal your current whereabouts.

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