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Lee Alan Thompson

Lee Thompson’s Legal Guides

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  • Legal separation in Ohio

    There are different ways to separate in Ohio, but only one provides for rights and obligations to defined by the court. The problems of simply separating Three different people contacted me the past f

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  • What to do and not do after an automobile collision

    On November 8, 2010, I was in a head-on collision. Much of what is written, due to injuries, I was unable to do at the time. But, always try as soon as possible.

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  • Termination of Child Support in Ohio

    Termination of Child Support in Ohio This is not necessarily an exhaustive list and a couple may raise questions in the mind of the reader. On those, I've added a brief note. Most of these can be done through the child support enforcement agency of your county without cost. 1. ...

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  • Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care: There is a difference.

    This is meant to be a brief description of each as it pertains to Ohio. If you need more information on what is best for you, you should contact and attorney. A Living Will becomes effective when you are terminally ill and unable to express your wishes regarding health care OR ...

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  • Guide to Charitable Giving

    How Much Do You Know About Your Charities? I was reading a story about the 50 worst charities in the United States. Those charities raised $1.3 billion dollars but spent one billion on staff, fundraising and overhead. The names all sounded good and some sounded similar to many o...

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  • Why People Delay Making A Will

    Right at this moment Im dictating three Wills. A married couple said something to me Ive heard many times before, We should have done this long ago but never go around to it. 1. I dont need one, I dont have anything. Strangely, there have been occasions Ive actually agreed wit...

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  • When Your Consent For Adoption Is Not Necessary

    WHEN YOUR CONSENT FOR ADOPTION IS NOT NECESSARY There are several instances in Ohio law when the consent of natural parent of a child to be adopted is not necessary. The most common is when the parent of the child to be adopted, after proper service of notice and hearing, the ...

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  • Shared Parenting and Child Support

    Many people come into the office believing if the parents have shared parenting there is no child support. In some limited circumstances, this could be true but generally is not going to be the case. This does not mean parents are not free to deviate from the child support gu...

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