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Jeffrey Lewis Adams

Jeffrey Adams’s Answers

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  • Can My ex-husband get a restraining order against my boyfriend of 2 years now, just because he does not like him?

    My ex is threatening that he does not like my like boyfriend based on rumors that he heard about about my boyfriend. My boyfriend and his kids comes here once or twice a week and we are trying to integrate of families before we get engaged. My b...

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    No. A request to the Court for a restraining order would only be granted where there is a signed affidavit alleging violence or a threat of violence on the part of your boyfriend toward your ex-husband. And even then the Court would have to believe in the veracity of the allegations before it would issue a restraining order. Just because your ex-husband does not like your current boyfriend is not enough to get a restraining order against your boyfriend. Hope that helps

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