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Dustin N Thomas

About Dustin Thomas

About me

When you're faced with a challenging, life-changing legal issue, you need an understanding, compassionate attorney. Dustin N. Thomas offers just that - a dedicated, sympathetic lawyer who fights tirelessly on your behalf.

The Law Office of Dustin N. Thomas provides legal representation in personal injury, criminal law, family law and general litigation. Dustin's passions for these areas of law come from his own personal history. He's overcome strife and anguish and uses that experience as fuel to help others work through their legal problems.


As a Pascagoula native and former police officer, Dustin is fully committed to bettering the lives of residents in the community. He invites you to call his office for an appointment. All personal injury consultations are free. Dustin will do the unthinkable and tell you when you do not need a lawyer and can take care of something yourself if you wish.


I charge a consultation fee of $125 for a one hour consultation; this is less than my standard hourly rate.

I require a credit card to secure your appointment. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that sometimes people who schedule appointments do not show up. Therefore, my policy is to have a credit card on file at the time the appointment is scheduled. Please call our office at (228) 696-8881 to cancel any appointment at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Canceling your appointment with a reasonable notice allows us to offer this appointment to someone else who may need to be seen right away. We can keep an optimal schedule only if you keep or cancel appointments as requested. This allows for a time efficient encounter for both the client and the attorney. Your credit will not be charged as long as you either show up for your appointment at the appointed time or cancel by calling at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. If you fail to show up for your appointment or do not cancel with 24 hours notice your credit card will be charged for the $125 consultation fee.

Come talk to a lawyer who can say "I understand" and actually does.

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