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Andrew Burrell’s Answers

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  • Are workers comp. settlements taxable and do i need to declare them as an asset to the IRS?

    I settled a workers comp. case in March as a lump sum, and just received the check. I want to put it into a bank account but want to know if it is taxable first.

    Andrew’s Answer

    They are no taxable, but you should speak with your attorney and accountant, to confirm what your state rules are in regardless to listing the money on any return.

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  • Who is to fault?

    I was at a store parking lot, I was backing out I checked both ways before I put my car in reverse. As I was backing out a car in the road pulled in and hit me from the back. Her back door on her driver side is dent and my bumper on my driver side...

    Andrew’s Answer

    First, was a police report filed. If an officer was called, they should have filed a parking lot incident report. I would get it. Second, did you talk to the other driver, if not the report becomes more important, because it will detailed where the other driver came from. In most instances, the majority of fault will be placed on you in Mississippi because you have a greater duty to keep a lookout in terms of backing out. If your claim is only for property damage, the other attorneys that have answered before are correct file it with your own insurance and repair your vehicle. They will likely seek reimbursement for whatever they paid against the other driver.

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