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William Matthew Thompson

William Thompson’s Legal Guides

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  • How NOT to Ask for Free Advice on AVVO

    AVVO features free, on-line QA opportunities for unrepresented persons to pose general questions of law and have lawyers answers those questions. This is really in the form of a public service and the responses do not create an attorney-client relationship, nor are they considere...

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  • Mississippi "No Fault" Divorce Process

    Irreconcilable Differences(ID divorce) is Mississippis answer to the NO FAULT* divorce. Mississippi is not a true NO FAULT state. In MS both parties must agree to the divorce and to all the terms of the divorce, including ALL issues of child custody, child support, equitable dist...

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  • How to Revoke a Judgment of Divorce in Mississippi; An UNDIVORCE

    What are your options when you relaize your marriage was a mistake? Divorce, separation, sticking it out- being miserbale...What are your options when you realize your divorce was a mistake? remarriage or an UNDIVORCE. Mississipp law allows for parties, upon mutual consent, to Re...

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