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Philip W. Thomas

Philip Thomas’s reviews

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  • Philip W. Thomas - Knowledgeable, Meticulous, Passionate and Trustworthy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I can only give Philip Thomas the highest ratings in his representation of my interests.

    Insightful facts that I have learned:

    1. From his career background, Philip has chosen to practice as an independent attorney verses a large group practice that affords him the latitude of representation supporting the interests of his clients verses productivity mandates.
    2. He is meticulous in his intricate preparatory case law research that serves to anticipate action.
    3. He has no hesitation to move a venue from State to Federal Court in the interests of his clients.
    4. He is aware of the need to manage his client’s emotions while maintaining his own objectivity of the step by step processes. This is especially necessary in the case of long civil action processes.
    5. He is aware of his opposing counsel’s strengths and weaknesses.
    6. There are situations where the quicker settlements do not necessarily represent the interests of the client.

    “Bigger might seem to offer the advantages of multiple expertise – but from my perspective, Philip Thomas’ commitment to the details allowed my position to prevail in a long legal journey that would have been grossly compromised if not for his resolve. Such a practice philosophy takes courage and confidence in a small independent practice. Philip gets an “A” and my strongest recommendation.”

  • Thank you, Philip Thomas!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    I was sued in a frivolous lawsuit. The claims against me were slanderous, despicable and false. When I turned to Philip for help, I could see I was in good hands. He was thorough and knowledgeable and easily reachable. His assistant was also kind, knowledgeable and quick to respond as well. Philip immediately had my case removed to Federal court to ensure a fair trial. His response to the plaintiff was bold and thorough. Upon receiving the response the plaintiff dropped the lawsuit. Thank you again, Philip Thomas!

  • Review of Philip W. Thomas as a Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Litigation client

    Philip Thomas is an attorney who successfully represented me in a difficult litigation case about eight years ago. Here are the main reasons why I think Philip did a great job for me as an attorney:

    1. I resided in a different state and I found Philip on the internet and hired him over the phone without seeing him. My initial positive impression of him was fully justified by his excellent interpersonal and professional performance.

    2. Philip took over the case from another attorney (who had to withdraw for personal reasons) and successfully adapted to it and created a winning strategy for it.

    3. He offered me a very affordable and convenient financial arrangement.

    4. Philip proved to be a brilliant attorney who mastered his trade from all standpoints. He won my case.

    In essence, Philip W. Thomas is a great person who did an excellent job for me as a lawyer. He is a winner and I would hire him again if I needed an attorney.

  • Civil Litigation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim

    Philip did a great job. Very diligent and extremely insightful of
    the law and specifics of my case.

  • Business Insurance claim

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    One of my companies was involved in a Casualty and Business Interuption dispute with a major insurance company. We reached a settlement on the Casualty portion of the claim although it took nearly a year. The BI portion became hopelessly deadlocked. Mr. Thomas was recommended by a friend and was retained by my firm. After discovery, which dragged on for months because the insurance company changed legal representation several times, we gave depositions to the insurance company's legal representatives. Several months later after another law firm change by the opposition, we were able to schedule a deposition from a senior officer of the insurance company who incidently had a law degree In a short period Mr. Thomas's questioning was so intense that the opposing law firm asked for a conference with their client. Upon returning to the conference room, they offered a settlement which we accepted after raising their offer. I have never witnessed the opposition admitting defeat while in their own client's deposition. Without hesitation, I would use Mr. Thomas again and would recommend him very highly.

  • Heritage

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Clara

    I made a call one day in 2007 about my mother who had been abused in a nursing home. I did not know what to expect when I called Philip and he was very professional and understanding. He accepted my families case and worked very hard for us. There were numerous road blocks for us, but with Philip's dedication he pulled us through the lawsuit and we won. I would recommend Philip highly for someone who is looking for a professional, understanding and dedicated.

  • AWESOME ATTY!!!!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephan

    I would recommend Phillip to anyone! He is Honest, Prudent and always accessable. He is an ASSET to my Corporation!!!!

  • Great lawyer and good experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mary

    Philip took a case that 5 lawyers had turned down. Some telling me that there was no chance to win it. Philip won the case receiving my money back plus more. It was a very good experience and I still keep up with him today. I recommend him very highly and I have recommended him on several occasions. Great person and I enjoyed my case with him. If I need another lawyer in the future I will call Philip first.

  • Review for Mr. Philip W. Thomas

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rilda

    Upon the initial meeting with Mr. Thomas, he reviewed all the information. He explained all the details and answered my questions to my satisfaction. I hired him at that initial meeting.
    Mr. Thomas assured me that we would not be dealing with a rude insurance adjustor any more. He would be taking all her calls. He also gave his name and number to assure the bill collectors that we had a legitimate law suit ( we were rear-ended in an auto accident)
    Our law suit was settled out of court in a timely manner. I give Mr. Thomas all the credit because of his skills as an excellent attorney. He is everything that you could ask for as an attorney-- truly humble, skilled in his profession, and a kind person who truly has the best interest for us.
    When our case settled, Mr. Thomas and his staff were very efficient in calling us and getting all the monies paid to appropriate parties. He even reduced his fee for us at the end of our case. This enabled us to receive more for our own.
    Mr. Thomas is truly an attorney that we would recommend to family and friends.

  • review of Philip W. Thomas as lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shirley

    By far the best lawyer that I have ever used. He was very responsive to my needs as a client. He was always patient with me when I didn't understand some of the legal terms being used in my case. I would absolutely use him again for legal matters. I was extremely pleased with the way in which he handled my case. I would recommend him for cases involving legal or medical malpractice, or any type of personal injury cases. He was excellent.