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Merrida P Coxwell Jr.

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  • Thanks for the great help!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by J.W.

    When the US economy began to have problems in October 2009, one of the largest mortgage banking companies in the United States raised our monthly fixed rate mortgage by $400 for no apparent reason. I had already taken a pay cut at work and the increase caused major financial problems. After writing everyone from the US President, to the Head of the US Banking System, to the Comptroller of the Currency and the CEO of the bank requesting loan modification, we got absolutely no help or hope. We were being daily harassed and threatened with foreclosure even though we had never missed a single payment at the original monthly mortgage rate. The mortgage company made lofty promises but did absolutely nothing it had agreed to… accept to give us grief and pain.

    God directed us to Frank Coxwell and Frank was able to quickly close the mouth of the lion – preserving our home - through the only avenue left to us, a Chapter 13 Reorganization Bankruptcy. Frank skillfully maneuvered through our financial situation, working within our very small budget, dealing firmly with creditors, and enabled us to receive all the legal rights and benefits that citizens of the State of Mississippi are entitled to. Frank Coxwell represented us successfully in court and completed all the necessary paperwork and forms. When we were thrown 2 extra nasty curves that threatened to wallop us, Frank did not quit and in addition he helped us win our point and legally overcome those adversities. If you are facing bankruptcy, harassment from creditors, or if your mortgage company is a man-eating predator, do yourself a big favor and call Attorney Frank H. Coxwell, Jackson, Mississippi.



  • Time for Thanks

    5.0 stars

    Posted by J.W.

    Dear Buddy,

    How does one begin to say all that one feels about what we’ve all been through these last few years. Clearly there is nothing one can say but thanks. A lot goes into that word as it is relayed from me to you. Real friends, those who accept you as you are and share the low tines, are hard to come upon. I have found you to be one of those rare individuals I can call my friend.

    To me, this watch is an expression of something that occurs every day, the passage of time. Every day we all take this event of time and use it in many ways. I never appreciated time in the past as I do now. Your efforts have allowed me more time. My promise to you is that I will be a good steward of this time and use it wisely. Knowing you, I don’t imagine you will think too much of this event in years to come. You were doing what you were sworn to do – representing your client to the best of your ability – within the boundaries of the law.

    I hope this symbol of time will represent our friendship. Something that occurs every day even though we might not pay attention to it that closely on a day to day basis. Thanks for those hours of time I know you labored, both professionally and personally. There is no amount of expression I can offer to truly relay my feelings of appreciation.

    I can offer my friendship over the years to come. You will always have my friendship. If you ever need help I’ll be there for you as you have been there for me.

    Your friend,


  • Highly recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wayne

    I've known Mr Coxwell for many years and he has represented me on a number of legal matters. Merrida (I've always known him as Buddy) is well respected within the legal community by judges, prosecutors,law enforcement officials and his peers. If it's a criminal matter you can't find a better attorney to stand between you and a jailhouse. If it's a civil issue Buddy will work just as hard to see that you get justice. What ever your legal needs, whether it's something major or a something minor, and you are looking for a lawyer, don't need to look any further.