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  • Can a person get an appeal after 15 years on a murder conviction?

    A young man was charged with murder and convicted after wrstling over a gun with his stepfather and the gun went off and shot into a home and killed the young mans son. His stepfather took him away from the scene before he knew what really had hap...

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    There are several matters that may affect whether the young man you reference may get some relief. First, what was the exact conviction? Capital murder, murder, or manslaughter? How old was he at the time of the shooting? And at the time of conviction? Was he tried or did he plead guilty? Which county was the county of conviction? Do you know whether or not a post-conviction collateral relief motion has been filed before in his case?

    All of those answers would help an attorney analyze this case, which is exactly what he'll need. I have extensive expertise in defending homicides in Mississippi, assuming that is where the conviction arose. Best of luck to you and to him.

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