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Robert Gilmon Anderson

Robert Anderson’s Answers

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  • Can my son file his own habeas corpus petition? In California

    My son has exhausted in State's Appeals. He is ready to file the petition. We, his parents and our son are trying to keep our cost down. Fore, we have spent money for 2 Trial lawyers. He was represented by a Appellate Public Defender for his State...

    Robert’s Answer

    Most courts will permit a habeas petition to be filed by the petitioner himself, without a lawyer. This is referred ot a filing a petition pro se (that is, on your own behalf). If the petition is well written, then a pro se petition is not a bad idea. However, if the petition is poorly written, that will diminish the chances of getting any relief.

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  • What is writ of mandamus

    what is writ of mandamus

    Robert’s Answer

    A writ of mandamus is a formal motion filed with a higher court (usually an appellate court) asking that higher court to require (or "mandate") a lower court to do something. For example, if a lower court has had a case before it for a long period of time, a writ of mandamus might be filed in the appellate court seeking to ahve the appellate court issue a writ of mandamus to the lower court ordering the lower court to rule on the case.

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