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Cynthia Sue Lyons

Cynthia Lyons’s reviews

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  • Cannot get a better Divorce Attorney in Tennessee!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shelly

    Divorce is never easy. Especially when it is very sudden. When I met with Ms. Lyons for the initial consultation, she immediately put me at ease with her calm and soothing demeanor. She knows the law inside and out, and as my case got more and more outrageous, she really helped while deftly handling the craziness that ensued.
    She is very secure in court, doesn't get ruffled- even when up against high-drama attorney opponents, and wins. Bottom line: She WINS.
    My nickname for her is "The Velvet Hammer". I will never consider another litigator for any future needs other than Cynthia Lyons.

    Hired attorney
  • Top attorney in the Upper Cumberland

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Crystal

    Ms. Lyons has done a phenomenal job in handling my personal and professional business affairs. She is professional, quick to answer and get things done and has been able to resolve issues for my company in a very efficient way.
    Over the last 15 years I have had to hire counsel in several areas and NONE have come close to Ms. Lyons and the quality of service she provides.
    She has saved me time, energy, stress and MONEY which are important for me and for my company.
    I highly recommend her for both professional and business legal matters if you are a person who demands integrity, smart legal sense, compassion, aggressive action, and someone who will work for YOU and your interests.
    She is my go to attorney and I have recommended her to all of my closest friends. I recommend you set up a confidential appointment with her today and check her out for yourself.

  • I recommend Cynthia Lyons

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Ms. Lyons was very professional and curtious when i met with her. She reviewed my documents promptly and was able to answer all my questions and address any of my concerns.

  • Read the other criticle reviews carefully

    1.0 star

    Posted by Godwin

    I second/agree with the first reviewer here.
    Best thing I can say about Ms Lyons is she will show up, take more than your money, and is very proud of her many years of service and DEMANDS respect; telling you all about it more than once while apparently thinking VERY highly of it.
    Try her as I did to find out the first reviewer was right on target to begin with. Though I took my chances after reading the first review too lightly and then hiring her seeking a fresh start as Ms Lyons has been given herself.
    Wished I'd heeded that first reviewers advice of experience over Ms. Lyons now. She won't answer her phone to set another appointment once she thinks she is through and then screams for you to do so when you show up in her office. And that was for a bill of services receipt she promised and did not issue. I hope Ms Lions takes the other reviewer's advice to heart. Clearly they are right.
    NOW, I understand the first reviewer.
    Should this be the only review here for you to see now.. Take heed

  • Please search within your heart

    2.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I was very discouraged with Mrs. Lyons being appointed as a reprehensive for my case . I have had one minor charge in my life. Mrs. Lyons was appointed by the court as my attorney and if I understood the Judge correctly...he stated for me to keep in touch with Mrs. Lyons. Upon my first visit to her office I found out that she had no concern of my case and would not allow me to explain my side of the story. Her statement to me was...I don't care what you have to say and would not allow me to explain anything to her. I later left her a couple messages to call me and never received a return call from her, but I sure heard about it the next time I was in her office. I simply would have liked to been able to talk with her like two grown adults. I am not trying to bash her but I feel like she could have at the least allowed me finish a sentence without her expressing herself as being a defender with no concern for what really happen. Not all people are repeat criminals and not all people are going to sit there and lie to her about the situation they are in. I hope she reads this and finds a bit of heart to be more understanding and allow her clients to speak without interrupting them.