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Dorothy Johnson Pounders

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  • Unresponsive to questions

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    While Dottie has a great reputation, she is not a great attorney. She was often unresponsive to my questions. She would have her paralegal send me an email that she was planning to call me, but the calls never came.

    Worst of all she strongly encouraged me to sign an agreement without taking the time to tell me what changes had been made. I'm not sure she had read it herself. The other party's lawyer had re-written the document and there were changes that I should not have approved.

    Dottie seemed to always have personal problems that caused delays in my case. Perhaps it's time for her to retire.

  • Dotty (Dorothy) Pounders

    1.0 star

    Posted by Anonymous

    Dorothy (Dotty) Pounders was recommended to me by a Lawyer as having a great reputation in the past. My experience was very different. There was a hearing scheduled for which she did nothing for. She would not reply to emails, would not reply to my wife's Lawyer's letters and rarely returned a call. She spent a lot of my money claiming she read letters and emails but would not reply or give me advice for weeks at a time if at all. I’m sure she was once a brilliant divorce Lawyer but my understanding is she living off her past reputation with little regard for her current clients. If you were a past client of hers a long time ago them you probably experienced something completely different. When looking for another Lawyer to replace her I heard this was their experience too with clients coming to them with the same story. I hired another attorney and was very satisfied with their performance and the final outcome.

  • Never hire this attorney!!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    Dorothy Pounders is, on paper, as accomplished a family lawyer as there is in the state of Tennessee. Her many accomplishments led me to retain her in a very time sensitive child abandonment case.

    The initial consultation was great and I paid her sizable retainer in full. Then my nightmare began. Mrs. Pounders told me to expect a draft within a week. Three weeks and no draft or other communication later, I decided to call and inquire about the delay. I was told to expect the draft in a week.

    10 days later, I called wondering why I hadn't received a two page draft in nearly 5 weeks and a $5,000 retainer. I was told that if I was uncomfortable with her service that I could find another attorney.

    Her firm would not return another phone call or email and held my retainer for 4 nearly months only to deduct $500 from it.

    Mrs. Pounders is just a despicable human. Callous, arrogant, petty, and only concerned about taking your money. She is brilliant. But a horrible person.