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Case Conclusion Date: 05.18.2006

Practice Area: Divorce and separation

Outcome: The Tennessee Court of Appeals affirmed and upheld the trial court's ruling that Mr. Anderson's client would not have to pay alimony despite his very high income.

Description: Donna Marie Tait ("Wife") filed for divorce from William Frank Tait ("Husband") citing grounds of inappropriate marital conduct. The parties entered into a Permanent Parenting Plan and a Property Settlement Agreement, but reserved the issue of alimony for trial. After hearing the evidence, the trial court found that Wife was not in need of additional alimony support from Husband, despite Husband's ability to pay. Wife appealed. Steve Anderson represented Husband at the Trial Court level. Darrell Blanton represented Husband at the Appellate Court level. <a href="" target="_new">Donna Marie Tait v. William Frank Tait</a>

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