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Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough

About Mary Yarbrough

About me

I understand that your case involves the most important thing in your life--your family.  I also understand that each case and each client are different.  


My philosophy is that there is no "one size fits all" divorce.  I work actively with my clients on all aspects of their cases.  I know that working closely and communicating effectively with my clients ensures that I understand each client's unique goals.  This allows for the best possible outcome for every individual client.    


My approach is to avoid the expense and stress associated with litigation whenever possible, utilizing collaborative law and mediation when appropriate.  This approach preserves family relationships, minimizes trauma to children, and saves tremendous amounts of money and time.  


Unfortunately, sometimes settlement is not an appropriate option.  In litigated matters, I rely on thorough trial preparation and aggressive advocacy to protect what matters most to each client, keeping in mind the client's goals and budget.   


As a mediator, I assist both parties and their counsel (if represented) in settling their disputes themselves.  I help both sides work together to attack the problem instead of each other.  The successful result is a settlement that best meets the needs of each individual family.  Avoiding litigation saves money and time, but more importantly, preserves important family relationships for the future.