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David Wayne Willis

About David Willis

About me

Please contact my office for free advice when facing a DUI charge.  I know how to fight for your freedom and will be there beside you at each step of the criminal justice process.  I always shoot straight with my Clients.  Sometimes the Client may not like what they are told, but at least they know it is the truth.  If you are in trouble and need help, call me, you don't have to pay me now, BUT CALL ME NOW!


Before law school, I spend 20 years in the United States Army.  I have held every leadership position in the Army to include Command Sergeant Major (E-9) on two deployments (Africa and Haiti).  I am a proud Persian Gulf War veteran and a Lifetime Member of the Disable American Veterans.  I attended Law School at the University of Memphis.  Savannah, Tennessee is my home town. 


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