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Barry Jason McWhirter

About Barry McWhirter

About me

Being the son of one of the most respected trial lawyers in Memphis, I knew that I too wanted to be a trial lawyer from a very early age. In my professional career, I have specialized in trial work and have had the opportunity to try lawsuits in Federal Court, Immigration Court, General Sessions (both civil and criminal) Court, Chancery Court, Criminal Court, and Circuit Court.


I handle all types of trial work  including criminal defense, personal injury, immigration, contract disputes, and business litigation.


Although I was born and raised in Memphis, I learned Spanish as a second language while I was in college. After obtaining my license to practice law, I have been blessed with the opportunity to represent the Hispanic community in the Memphis area. Although there are other lawyers in the Memphis area that represent the Hispanic community, I am one of a very few that actually speak Spanish. More importantly, of the lawyers that speak Spanish in the Memphis area, I am the most experienced and have the most diverse law practice.