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Christopher Lynn Patterson

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  • My car was hit by a fire truck while I was driving down the road do I have a lawsuit?

    I was driving down the road on my side of the road when a fire truck came driving down the other side and tried to turn into the fire station (No emergancy lights were on it was an off duty fire truck) when they turned to wide and hit the back end...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Absolutely. My firm has handled numerous cases against fire departments for precisely this kind of accident. Each individual involved in the accident will have a claim if it can be shown that the accident was caused by the fire truck. I would encourage you to act quickly to avoid any number of problems that can arise when individuals wait to pursue a claim. Time is not on the side of Plaintiffs. Witnesses can become hard to locate and memories fade.

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  • Damage to state property on interstate from wreck.

    If you are on the interstate and are involved in a wreck and damage say the signs on the road, or the side girder. Does the state just fix that on their on, or do they usually file a claim against the at fault's parties insurance? Or if say the si...

    Christopher’s Answer

    If the accident was in Tennessee and a report was completed by the Highway Patrol or local law enforcement, you will likely receive a bill for the repair costs. Both the Highway Patrol and all local law enforcement offices are supposed to forward the highway accident reports to the Department of Safety. Once the state comes along to complete the repairs, they will likely identify the at fault party. Your insurance should cover the expenses above your deductible.

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  • How to pick a personal injury lawyer?

    How do you pick a good personal injury lawyer? There are tons to choose from. This would be from a car accident.

    Christopher’s Answer

    There are a lot of good personal injury attorneys for you to select from. But ultimately you need to hire someone you have confidence in to maximize the value of your case in a timely manner. Hopefully you are able to contact someone who is not only competent to achieve the result you deserve, but also a regular person that you don't mind talking to and spending time with. I really get to know my clients and don't have so many cases that I don't know them all by their first name. I would encourage you to avoid the firms that handle "volume case loads."

    On that note, I also defend injury cases and get a chance to see some of these firms in action. Some of them simply run their law firm like an assembly line and never address the unique needs of each client. Your case is unique to you and you need someone that will devote the time needed to address the liability issues in your case as well as really understand the injuries and damages that you suffered.

    You also need to hire someone that will not sugar coat things for you. Plaintiff work in Tennessee is getting harder, and many challenges exist for people injured in accidents. You need someone that will shoot straight with you and give you honest answers, even if it isn't what you want to hear.

    Good luck.

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