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John Barnes

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  • Will a DUI conviction in TN prevent me from purchasing a firearm for any length of time?

    I was charged with DUI 1st in TN almost 3 months ago but I have not been convicted yet. My BAC results have not come back yet and I am returning to court in a week. If I am convicted I assume I will be put on some sort of probation. If convicted a...

    John’s Answer

    While you generally may still own a gun after being convicted of misdemeanor DUI, you will lose your handgun carry permit, if you have one. Also, you will not be eligible to get a handgun carry permit for 5 years after your DUI conviction.

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  • Underage Alcohol Posession

    Me and two friends were drinking wine coolers outside of a club. All of us are under age 21, my friend gave them to me. We were both issued a misdemeanor citation and on the narrative it says I was observed in poss. of (wine cooler) alcoholic beve...

    John’s Answer

    Find an attorney to handle this charge for you. If represented in a case like this there is a high likelihood that you can avoid this going onto your record. If you go it alone there is a good chance that this alcohol related conviction could remain on your permanent record.

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  • If someone is changed with "display sex acts to a minor under 13", is it possible to get probation?

    2 charges, and they were to an undercover police officer on line. Never been in trouble, and unable to bond out because of high bond. Has court appointed attorney, but nothing has been done in 5 weeks, as far as a hearing to reduce bond.

    John’s Answer

    Because this offense is punishable by less than 10 years and is not specifically excluded by statute, someone found guilty would be eligible for probation. Despite being eligible for probation, this is a serious offense which may result in incarceration and will require sex offender registration if convicted.

    A bond reduction may be possible either by agreement with the district attorney or after motion and argument before the judge. It will be very helpful in reaching a good resolution for the defendant to be out of jail on bond.

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  • Got caught shoplifting at Walmart under 100.00 what do I need to plea.

    I have no record. Don't qualify for plubic defender. Spoke to one attorney retainer 1500.00 cannot afford one. I just need to know what to expect can they send me to jail. They didn't arrest me gave me citation went and judge told me to be back in...

    John’s Answer

    There is an excellent chance that with the help of an attorney you can keep this charge from appearing on your permanent record where it could have an adverse affect on your future job and/or education prospects. It will be well worth the time and money to find a lawyer who will represent you at a price you can afford who will seek a resolution that doesn't leave you with a criminal record that will follow you forever.

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  • What punishment will i get for a misdormeaner citation?

    they said it was 120$ theft from sears so what punishment will i get?they said it was considered being arrested but i didnt actually go to jail, will i get probation?community service?iv never been in trouble with the law before EVER...i have a co...

    John’s Answer

    You should contact a local attorney. He or she will give you the best chance of keeping this off your record and eventually getting it expunged.

    As for punishment, you should at least expect to pay restitution in the amount you allegedly stole and probably some court costs as well.

    In order to have your records expunged you or your lawyer will have to convince the state to dismiss or nolle prosequi the charges, or in the alternative, to agree to a judicial diversion. If you plead guilty without the judicial diversion, the charge will stay on your record permanently.

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