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Norman Delton McKellar

Norman McKellar’s Legal Guides

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  • Determining Punishment for Tax Crimes Under the Sentencing Guidelines

    Determine the Amount of "Tax Loss" The table below shows which “Offense Level” fits based on the amount of “Tax Loss,” which in and of itself is a sometimes difficult concept to understand. To analy

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  • Expungements in Tennessee

    Who is Eligible for an Expungement? 1) A person: a. Whose charge has been dismissed; b. With a no true bill returned by a grand jury; c. Who received a verdict of not gu

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  • 3 Tips for Taxpayers Dealing with Criminal Tax Issues

    Meet with an experienced tax attorney BEFORE speaking to any Government agents Consult with an experienced knowledgeable attorney BEFORE talking to any agents for the Government. Many clients make t

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