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Norman Delton McKellar

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  • Back state taxes in a diffrent state.

    i was told i needed to pay back state taxes in a state i no longer reside and at that time was a member of armed forces and a resident of my home state which was not the state i was stationed. how may i get this matter resolved? which state migh...

    Norman’s Answer

    My suggestion would be to contact a tax attorney in the state where you allegedly owe state taxes. You should consult with someone who is familiar with that particular state's tax laws, especially since some states (e.g., Tennessee) do not have a state personal income tax. Also, you may want to consult with a military representative to see if they have encountered this issue before and whether they can provide (perhaps free) assistance.

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  • Can police or state/federal attorneys intercept mail during a criminal investigation?

    I have not received mail addressed to myself for over 3 weeks, including letters I sent to myself from 3 different locations. I am invloved with an individual who was an ex-partner in a business, and who I believe has filed a complaint for fraud a...

    Norman’s Answer

    I believe that Jonathan Levy's suggestion about sending yourself registered mail is a good idea. However, it sounds like receiving your mail may be the least of your concerns at this point. Additionally, you should be careful about the details you provide in an open forum such as this one (i.e., Avvo). My suggestion is that you immediately contact an attorney to discuss your situation more fully.

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  • Can I get my denied innocent spouse request reversed so I'm not liable for money my ex-husband earned and didn't claim.

    While married my husband had made a significant amount of money that I had no idea about. The money never came into the home or supported the home. I don't know what its from or where its at. During a IRS audit is how I found out. BUT what seems ...

    Norman’s Answer

    There are many facts that are not set forth in your posting that will bear on how your situation is handled at this point. Generally speaking, if you and your husband filed joint returns, you may be jointly and severally liable for the full amount of the tax liability [IRC Sec. 6013(d)(3)]. However, IRC Sec. 6015 provides three potential sources of relief from this liability for "innocent spouses." At this point, I don't have enough information to assess whether you would be a good candidate for such relief.

    Additionally, there are timelines that must be followed for submitting and/or appealing your innocent spouse request. Please be mindful of any time limits that may apply.

    Unfortunately, I don't believe I can answer all of your concerns in this Answer. However, feel free to contact me to discuss your situation, and I may be able to be of more assistance. Thanks.

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