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Vance Tate Davis

Vance Davis’s Legal Guides

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  • Potential Major Problems with Giving Away your Home

    A lot of seniors consider giving away their home for a numbers of reasons, which may include: a) avoiding probate; b) avoiding responsibility for keeping up the property; c) fear of living along; or

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  • Compensating Your Family Caregiver Makes a TON of Sense

    If you are providing care to an elderly family member, you may be doing so free of charge or worse, doing so in ways that could come back to cause your family member financial harm in the future. He

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  • Four Tips for Getting Better Answers to Questions on Avvo

    There are a lot of great attorneys across the county generously contributing their time to answer questions about a wide variety of legal issues on the Avvo Q&A forum. A well drafted question will, h

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  • Three Big Mistakes You're Making on Your Social Security Disability Case

    The Social Security disability claims process is difficult and can be overwhelming if you aren't properly prepared for your fight. If you "go it alone" without a lawyer, you run a big risk of losing your case. While you’re looking for your attorney, here are three big mistakes you may be making:

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