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Pierce v. Lookout Property Management, Catoosa Superior Court

Case Conclusion Date: 08.09.2013

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: Settled for Confidential Amount

Description: Severe ankle fracture due to fall on ramp at apartment complex in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA. Plaintiff’s architectural expert testified that ramp violated numerous provisions of both the International Building Code (IBC) and the Georgia Accessibility Code, including that that handrails continue to the bottom of the ramp and then extend at least 12” beyond the bottom of the ramp (IBC2006 1010.8 and 1012.5). The allowable cross slope for a ramp is only 2% (IBC2006 1003.5), but the flared side of the concrete portion of the ramp where Plaintiff turned her ankle had a steep slope of 48 degrees. The concrete portion of the ramp also lacked any edge protection (IBC2006 1010.9.1) and there was a crack between the metal and the concrete which appeared to violate IBC2006 1002. All such ramps are supposed to have a flat landing at the bottom as well, level with the sidewalk (IBC2006 1010.6). There are corresponding provisions of Georgia Accessibility Code 120-3-20-.19 for each of the IBC provisions. Plaintiff contended that what happened to her was exactly what the various Code requirements and standards were designed to prevent – a fall.

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