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Kristen Boswell Amonette

Kristen Amonette’s reviews

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  • divorce lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathleen

    Kristen was an excellent resource in a complicated divorce. After consultation and support from Kristen, a marriage of 20+ years with multiple properties and other assets were divided equally and equitably. I would recommend Kristen to anyone faced with a complicated divide.

    Consulted attorney
  • Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Adam

    I was recently released from Federal Prison after a 46 month sentence for wire fraud. I was offered a job to bartend, but the state of Tennessee denied my license to serve alcohol due to my conviction date for the wire fraud charges being less than four years. I retained Kristen to appeal my case before the TABC board. She advised me and helped me get letters from the community and family. She returned my emails and calls in a timely manner and talked me out of my irrational thoughts. She advised me well on how the procedure would go and what to expect. At the hearing, she was professional and respectful if the opposing attorney. But, she was also firm and educated them in federal law. They tried to say my crime was embezzlement which carries an 8 year prohibition, and Kristen quickly recited federal laws and statutes proving otherwise. She was very knowledgable about my criminal case although she did not represent me in that case. The director of the boards agreed with her that my TABC license would help move me and my family forward in life and granted me the license. I am so happy and working full time now thanks to Kristen Amonette. Also, as a gay man, I look forward to using Kristen in the future when and if I ever find a partner to marry now that it is legal. I can not thank or say enough kind things about this sweet soul. THANK YOU Kristen for moving my life in the right direction!

    Hired attorney
  • Kristen Amonette

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jerry

    I was completely satisfied with the guidance, representation and advice I received from Kristen. She was thorough, communicative and always had my best interests at heart. Her advice on issues relating to the long term costs associated with our child’s education and my obligations was well reasoned and, after some back and forth, accepted by his mother as fair and reasonable. She was patient and clear headed during the entire process. This was especially important given the lack of communication and questionable advice given by my spouse’s attorney. I would recommend Kristen without reservation,

    Hired attorney
  • Highly Recommended!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jill

    I recently went through a nasty divorce and Kristen helped me feel taken care of and "safe" from a legal standpoint. Friendly, sharp, efficient and incredibly knowledgeable about the subject matter, I would highly recommend her to anyone facing the same hard times. She is also bills extremely fair, which helped ease unnecessary stress during such a difficult time.

  • Caring and Impressive

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Natalie

    Kristen helped me navigate a very difficult divorce and bring it to an incredibly speedy and successful resolution. She worked carefully with me to make sure I understood what I could expect, helped me determine what was most important to me, and deliver exactly what I was hoping for. She became more than my attorney through the process, as her caring and follow-through were excellent. I'm hoping not to need her services anymore, but if I do, I know she will be prepared to squelch any drama my ex might attempt.

  • The only party who benefitted was Ms. Amonette

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I hired Ms. Amonette for a child support case. I explained my financial situation and the max I could devote to resolving the issue. In my experience, her biggest concern is getting paid for every minute of time she works. She charged me over $1,000 to "research" the issue before ever taking action on my behalf. This should have been a HUGE red flag.

    She was NOT timely in advancing the case. Her delay in filing an action cost me over nine months of back child support. I had to prompt her with e-mails documenting what she had promised to do by when. This still resulted in delays due to her apparent lack of interest in my issue.

    At one point in the case she arrived for a hearing and my ex-did not show up until after she left. Because she did not wait 15 minutes, I experienced yet another 30+ days delay.

    She did a nice job on deposing my ex, but ultimately recommended that I accept a settlement that did not allow me to "break even" after fees.

    She was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. My guess is she was devoting her time to the cases of the other reviewers. I did not have a positive experience and do not share their enthusiasm for her counsel.

  • To Kill a Mockingbird

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I was working with a lawyer whom although we had a good relationship, due to certain circumstances he felt I might be better represented by someone else. I was hesitant and expressed my concerns about transitioning to a different attorney, especially during a trial. He stated he had been careful and very selective, pledging he had the perfect lawyer to take over my case. Anytime an attorney can refer you to another attorney, stating they would seek the same representation for a member of their own family, you should expect the result will be someone extremely well practiced and highly qualified. His advice led me to Kristen Amonette, a family law litigator and mediator, whom I must say was exactly who I needed in my corner. Mrs. Amonette immediately leveled the playing field, was quickly able to pick up on where we needed to be and she easily got us there. With that said, I welcome the opportunity to brag on Kristen Amonette any chance I can find. I believe her to be one of the most professional, yet personal lawyers I could have ever expected to have found on my own. Now maybe with my review, I can one to help lead others to her as well.

    The first thing I noted was Kristen Amonette entered the room exuding confidence, but without arrogance. She constantly gave me all of her energy, her time and attention. Very observant and nurturing, she listened well and was incredibly reassuring to meet my needs. She was focused and not afraid of a challenge, giving me solid advice and being truthful about my options. Mrs. Amonette was tremendously diligent in applying herself to her work, very well prepared and nicely organized. She acted as any true professional, although I found she was also a devoted wife and beautiful mother of two. This part was particularly important to me because it meant balance, definitely the stability and consistency I was craving during such a time of raw insecurity. Mrs. Amonette was involved, possessed loyalty and dedication as the greatest attorney (as the greatest wife and mother) anyone could desire. She was patient but persistent and strong while still understanding and sympathetic of the situation. She had the ability to be aggressive and domineering of the court room, yet she was respectful of the legal system and civil with her cross representation. I never felt alone during a very lonely time, for the reason I knew she was committed to my best interest and working wholeheartedly toward a shared goal.

    I love Kristen Amonette, as well as my family and friends love her. We all have so much respect and gratitude for what she has provided us. I feel honored to have had her by her side, because she has self built her reputation and earned her own success.

  • Recomendation for Kristen Amonnette

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Isaac

    Thank you for the opportunity to offer my support and recommendation for the legal services of Kristen Amonette. I very much appreciated Kristen's professionalism and expertise to treat my proceedings seriously, impartially, and discretely--with respect to ALL involved parties. She was always communicative, informative, and intent on making sure my understanding was clear on all options. She was fair to--and respectful of--the process by making every effort to seek the resolution that was most beneficial and least costly to me. Her goal was for me to get to the most successful end, in the most expeditious and efficient manner.

    Kristen remained completely abreast of each step/nuance of my case, aggressive in her representation of my concerns, and cognizant of my position (whether it strengthened or weakened) on certain issues to the conclusion of all litigation.

    A few of the many things I appreciated most about Kristen, was her:
    ---professional-discipline to keep me and the proceedings on-task / focused,
    ---interpersonal skills that gave her the ability to connect with the both the court and the opposition,
    ---commitment to the case in the fulfillment of her responsibilities (I always felt like her priority), and
    ---analytical ability to quickly assess a situation/challenge and formulate the appropriate action/response leading to a desired outcome.

    Kristen always exhibited: a "can do" approach to my concerns, and the ability to put me at ease amidst a very stressful time in my life. I not only would--but have--recommended her, and will continue to do so. If I EVER have any other need for legal services, she IS MY ATTORNEY!! I am more than happy to represent for her, just as she represented me.